Sporting SCA

Sporting Clays Australia is the national independent association for sporting clays and universal trench shooting, run by a passionate group of volunteers who are experienced in the sport.

Sporting Clays Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the sport at all levels, creating a community of competitive and recreational clay shooters.

People want to share entertaining experiences that are safe, truly accessible and always exciting.

Sporting Clays is a form of clay pigeon shooting that resembles the unpredictability of real-life hunting situations, with clay targets of various sizes thrown from trap machines at various angles, trajectories, elevations, speeds and distances. A course generally consists of 10 to 15 unique stations laid out over natural terrain, leading to the sport being dubbed as “golf with a shotgun”. The variation of clay target presentation is limited only to the imagination of the target setter: “if we can make a clay target fly, it is considered fair game to be shot”. A variety of configurations should be offered across the stations, so shooters continue to be challenged and for the environmental conservation of the course. It is this variation that makes Sporting Clays such an entertaining sport for participants of all ages and skill level.